The Rif Rebellion in Spanish Morocco: A Nationalist-Religious Revolt

29 April, 2014 • 4) Contemporary – C. XIX, XX, XXI, History 1876

José E. Álvarez, University of Houston Downtown

Spain’s loss of her overseas empire to the United States in 1898 left Spain with only her Moroccan presidios, and Rio de Oro, Ifni, and Equatorial Guinea in northwestern and central Africa, respectively.  At a time when overseas possessions were a mark of a great, powerful nation and Great Britain, France, Germany, and even Italy, Belgium, and Portugal had colonies abroad; Spain had lost most of hers.  This international humiliation had a powerful impact on Spain’s psyche as a nation, but was most strongly felt within the ranks of the armed forces. This national disgrace strengthened the nation’s resolve to hold on to what was left in Africa with great tenacity and vigor.

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